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Apr. 26th, 2009

01:04 pm - Whitelines notebook giveaway at notebookstories.com

Interested to win a notebook? You can check out this review and notebook giveaway at Notebook Stories.

Whitelines notebook review and giveaway

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Apr. 14th, 2009

08:26 pm - open letter to IBM/Lenovo

14. April 2009

To whom it may concern:

Thanks for handling my warranty claim (ref. # 22QLR6W01) for my ThinkPad X60's keyboard that would not reliably register spacebar keypresses.

Craig on the phone was very professional and polite to me, and handled my claim efficiently. He quoted me an ETA of Thursday [16 April] for the keyboard.

When I returned home Tuesday [14 April] evening, there was the keyboard waiting for me in a box -- the shipping label said UPS Next Day Air. I was expecting it to be shipped UPS Ground.

This claim experience totally exceeded my expectations -- phone representative attitude and efficiency, punctuality of shipping the replacement part ... everything. Thanks again, and you've reminded me again why I bought a ThinkPad.

Chris Chan
[address removed]
cchan at cluenet.org

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Apr. 1st, 2009

10:04 am - Senior schedule 2009-2010

I just got out of a guidance office meeting to revise my schedule for next year. Here it is:

Course Selections 2009-2010
# Name Course ID Section Level Credits
1 Pub Sp 035 1.00
2 AP Eng 091 AP 1.00
3 AP Eng 092 AP 1.00
4 Am Found 265 1.00
5 Psych 275 1.00
6 Adv Phys 451 ADV 1.00
7 Adv Phys 452 ADV 1.00
8 Adv Chem 461 ADV 1.00
9 Adv Chem 462 ADV 1.00
10 Choir 521 1.00
11 Choir 522 1.00
12 Religion12 951 1.00
13 Religion12 952 1.00
14 DualEnColl 997 1.00

I dropped Art I and Tech Assistant for Adv Chem. The DualEnColl is Calculus II.
I'm thinking I might drop Psych to have Tech Assistant (IT admin's lackey) in my schedule again. What's the brain trust think?

Mar. 20th, 2009

09:32 pm - lansing district, day 1

I was chief scout. We've been using GUSS as the scouting software, and well, it's gotten me to not hate Office 2007. Or at least Excel 2007.

We finished the day 18th out of 40 with a 4-4 record. We hope to do better tomorrow.

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06:34 am - Early to bed, early to rise...

...makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. --Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's Almanac

There may be more truth to this statement than I originally thought. I was the first occupant of my room today to be up, showered, and dressed, and I accomplished this before my two roommates were even out of bed.

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Mar. 19th, 2009

11:16 pm - American Idol impressions 17. March

First time in three weeks I've posted this after the eliminations, but I was busy.
Anyway, Adam Lambert was awesome. However, I was surprised he wasn't in the bottom three. I didn't expect a lot of people to like that Middle Eastern arrangement of Ring of Fire.

I won't miss Alexis Grace too much.

Also, I'm in the Kellogg Center in Lansing now. We're staying here for the FIRST Lansing District competition.

Oh, and mom took Kris's laptop back to ATR on Tuesday and picked up a replacement today. Hopefully this one is a bit more reliable.

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Mar. 16th, 2009

10:45 pm - ssr

Upon entering our first hour class today, we were informed that we would have an extended homeroom tomorrow for Sustained Silent Reading. We are in high school.

This set off a whole tide of complaints from the students in our first-hour English class. Of all things, you'd think they would have enough sense to stifle their complaints IN FRONT OF THE ENGLISH TEACHER! Apparently the majority of the students in our honours English class do not enjoy reading. I got slightly vocal at one of them and told her she, as an apathetic student, was contributing to the rapid decline of our society. She didn't take me seriously. However, the girl that sits behind me was like, "Why is everybody complaining? It's not like reading is that boring!" I praised her for being this openly anti-anti-intellectual, but at the same time I recognized that there are far too few people like her to insure the survival of our society.

Sure, this move by the administration is slightly authoritarian, but they're just ensuring that our brains don't rot too much. We go to school to learn, not chat with friends about what they did last night. So we lose out on one day of inane homeroom chatter, so what? We can make it up the next day or at lunch. It won't kill us to get a day ahead in Macbeth. I am sure many students would not mind this fate. I, for one, would welcome it. Though many of the complainers are probably using SparkNotes online and couldn't care less about actually reading the play.

What a way to start my day! Misanthropy! I wouldn't hate people so much if they didn't give me so much to hate about them.

By the way, I was at Staples Friday and I got more cartridges for my pen. They didn't have any blue cartridges, so I got black. I've also invested in a fine point Parker Vcetor fountain pen. Should be here this week. (This Parker 45 is medium-point.)

P.S. I was about to do my Econ test Scantron in fountain pen. That wouldn't have gone over well in the scoring machine.

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Mar. 15th, 2009

04:52 pm - The aftermath of this weekend

I'm typing this on the car ride home from the recital. Even though I had trouble staying awake on the car ride there (I ended up turning my laptop off (I was reading Macbeth on it) and falling asleep), people loved my performance of Supertramp's "Lord Is It Mine", a song that I feel is very relevant in the world today because ew're always so stressed and worrying about everything from the economy to does this dress make me look fat. But there's always a quiet place we can retreat to and let God into our lives. I really need to live this more.

On Saturday I went to the Ducky forensics tournament in Midland and competed with a prose piece "Jesus Shaves" by David Sedaris. I got a 4-97 on script in the first round, which was really weird because being on script usually loses a lot of points. My second round was 4-94 even though that's what I thought I did the best. Third was slightly rocky to me and I got a 4-97. I didn't advance to semis.

However, other forensicators on my team semied and finaled. Hannah and Zack's duo missed the semis by one place (they got a 4-97, 3-98, 2-99; showed great improvement); I think they could have semied maybe with a different mix of competitors. Josh competed in Extemp and got third overall. Nate placed first in Extemp and fifth in Impromptu (he dual entered).

About Friday, my twitter speaks volumes. We had a half day, then I went to the UPS store to ship off a few keyboards that I sold on ebay. After that, I picked up my sister's boyfriend's mom's new laptop at ATR; a cursory visual and hands-on inspection proved it to be sound. But no! Around 4.30 that afternoon, sis's bf was using it at our house when the video card died. I need to take it back to ATR to get it checked out, but I have no time in the near future with forensics districts Monday (and I think Tuesday) after school and another robotics competition (at the Lansing Centre) next weekend from Thursday to Saturday. I might see if I can make it to ATR Wednesday afternoon. I'd rather go myself than send mom to take it back, because I'm more experienced with computers.

So we'll see how that goes.

I'm no longer failing Forensics, by the way, and I might even raise my Calc grade if I bother to do and turn in my homework.

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Mar. 12th, 2009

06:45 pm - I'm failing school

Mom got my progress report in the mail today. One B+, one C+, one C, and one E. The E I'm not worried about, it's in Forensics which you don't have a grade for until you attend a competition. I'm doing that this Saturday. However, the other grades:....

B+ = Advanced Composition / Great World Authors. I probably didn't do stellarly on the huge quarter-opening research paper grade (whose deadline was extended for me because I was ill), and I've missed a homework assignment or two, so I'm not entirely surprised at this. Or very much at all. I could probably make it up by not blowing off Macbeth.

C+ = AP Calculus. Missing a lot of homework. I've been ill for three days this quarter and also missed a few days for choir and robotics competitions. Once I turn in the next big homework packet, I should bring it up to at least a B-. I just don't like Calculus that much. The concepts are not above my understanding, but going over the homework is boring when I never do it.

C = AP Economics. Again, missing a few assignments. One because I've been without an Econ textbook until two days ago (first seller I bought it from was out of stock) and the other because I was at the robotics competition the day it was due. I turned in the latter assignment the day after the progress report went out, and an in-class assignment today. So I should have a B or better in this class now.

E = As mentioned before, Forensics. Again, we don't get a grade in that class until we compete.

So what am I not failing? Well... I have an A- or better in Biology, an A in Choir (apparently at the expense of my AP Calc and AP Econ grades), and an A in Spanish IV. I turn in a lot of stuff late in SPN4, so it's probably a low A like a 94%.

My GPA at the moment is (discounting Forensics)... a nice medium-low 3.6. It was a 4.1 at the end of first semester, bolstered by A's on all final exam grades. (We are on a 4.4 scale for advanced classes, a lot of which I'm taking)

Well... now about the results of this horrible progress report.

Mom decided to make me drop robotics unless I can prove to her that I'm out of the grading hole. I have no intention of dropping robotics, and I'm almost halfway out at this time, which is good. I just need to turn in (completely completed) the next AP Calc homework packet.

I really hope I can do this.

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11:13 am - MME done with

So I am finally done with the Michigan Merit Exam. Forever. Thank God. And I can now post what I'm doing this weekend:

Saturday 14/3:
Forensics competition at Midland Dow all day.

Sunday 15/3:
Forensics practise at school 12.00-14.00. Recital at some church in Mount Morris at 15.00. (I'll be singing "Lord Is It Mine" by Supertramp.)

I still have to ship those keyboards this dude bought off me on eBay 1.5ish weeks ago. I think I'll pack them tonight and tell Mom to go to the UPS store tomorrow.

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