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I'm failing school - a host of holy horrors to direct our aimless dance

Mar. 12th, 2009

06:45 pm - I'm failing school

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Mom got my progress report in the mail today. One B+, one C+, one C, and one E. The E I'm not worried about, it's in Forensics which you don't have a grade for until you attend a competition. I'm doing that this Saturday. However, the other grades:....

B+ = Advanced Composition / Great World Authors. I probably didn't do stellarly on the huge quarter-opening research paper grade (whose deadline was extended for me because I was ill), and I've missed a homework assignment or two, so I'm not entirely surprised at this. Or very much at all. I could probably make it up by not blowing off Macbeth.

C+ = AP Calculus. Missing a lot of homework. I've been ill for three days this quarter and also missed a few days for choir and robotics competitions. Once I turn in the next big homework packet, I should bring it up to at least a B-. I just don't like Calculus that much. The concepts are not above my understanding, but going over the homework is boring when I never do it.

C = AP Economics. Again, missing a few assignments. One because I've been without an Econ textbook until two days ago (first seller I bought it from was out of stock) and the other because I was at the robotics competition the day it was due. I turned in the latter assignment the day after the progress report went out, and an in-class assignment today. So I should have a B or better in this class now.

E = As mentioned before, Forensics. Again, we don't get a grade in that class until we compete.

So what am I not failing? Well... I have an A- or better in Biology, an A in Choir (apparently at the expense of my AP Calc and AP Econ grades), and an A in Spanish IV. I turn in a lot of stuff late in SPN4, so it's probably a low A like a 94%.

My GPA at the moment is (discounting Forensics)... a nice medium-low 3.6. It was a 4.1 at the end of first semester, bolstered by A's on all final exam grades. (We are on a 4.4 scale for advanced classes, a lot of which I'm taking)

Well... now about the results of this horrible progress report.

Mom decided to make me drop robotics unless I can prove to her that I'm out of the grading hole. I have no intention of dropping robotics, and I'm almost halfway out at this time, which is good. I just need to turn in (completely completed) the next AP Calc homework packet.

I really hope I can do this.

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