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The aftermath of this weekend - a host of holy horrors to direct our aimless dance

Mar. 15th, 2009

04:52 pm - The aftermath of this weekend

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I'm typing this on the car ride home from the recital. Even though I had trouble staying awake on the car ride there (I ended up turning my laptop off (I was reading Macbeth on it) and falling asleep), people loved my performance of Supertramp's "Lord Is It Mine", a song that I feel is very relevant in the world today because ew're always so stressed and worrying about everything from the economy to does this dress make me look fat. But there's always a quiet place we can retreat to and let God into our lives. I really need to live this more.

On Saturday I went to the Ducky forensics tournament in Midland and competed with a prose piece "Jesus Shaves" by David Sedaris. I got a 4-97 on script in the first round, which was really weird because being on script usually loses a lot of points. My second round was 4-94 even though that's what I thought I did the best. Third was slightly rocky to me and I got a 4-97. I didn't advance to semis.

However, other forensicators on my team semied and finaled. Hannah and Zack's duo missed the semis by one place (they got a 4-97, 3-98, 2-99; showed great improvement); I think they could have semied maybe with a different mix of competitors. Josh competed in Extemp and got third overall. Nate placed first in Extemp and fifth in Impromptu (he dual entered).

About Friday, my twitter speaks volumes. We had a half day, then I went to the UPS store to ship off a few keyboards that I sold on ebay. After that, I picked up my sister's boyfriend's mom's new laptop at ATR; a cursory visual and hands-on inspection proved it to be sound. But no! Around 4.30 that afternoon, sis's bf was using it at our house when the video card died. I need to take it back to ATR to get it checked out, but I have no time in the near future with forensics districts Monday (and I think Tuesday) after school and another robotics competition (at the Lansing Centre) next weekend from Thursday to Saturday. I might see if I can make it to ATR Wednesday afternoon. I'd rather go myself than send mom to take it back, because I'm more experienced with computers.

So we'll see how that goes.

I'm no longer failing Forensics, by the way, and I might even raise my Calc grade if I bother to do and turn in my homework.

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