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ssr - a host of holy horrors to direct our aimless dance

Mar. 16th, 2009

10:45 pm - ssr

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Upon entering our first hour class today, we were informed that we would have an extended homeroom tomorrow for Sustained Silent Reading. We are in high school.

This set off a whole tide of complaints from the students in our first-hour English class. Of all things, you'd think they would have enough sense to stifle their complaints IN FRONT OF THE ENGLISH TEACHER! Apparently the majority of the students in our honours English class do not enjoy reading. I got slightly vocal at one of them and told her she, as an apathetic student, was contributing to the rapid decline of our society. She didn't take me seriously. However, the girl that sits behind me was like, "Why is everybody complaining? It's not like reading is that boring!" I praised her for being this openly anti-anti-intellectual, but at the same time I recognized that there are far too few people like her to insure the survival of our society.

Sure, this move by the administration is slightly authoritarian, but they're just ensuring that our brains don't rot too much. We go to school to learn, not chat with friends about what they did last night. So we lose out on one day of inane homeroom chatter, so what? We can make it up the next day or at lunch. It won't kill us to get a day ahead in Macbeth. I am sure many students would not mind this fate. I, for one, would welcome it. Though many of the complainers are probably using SparkNotes online and couldn't care less about actually reading the play.

What a way to start my day! Misanthropy! I wouldn't hate people so much if they didn't give me so much to hate about them.

By the way, I was at Staples Friday and I got more cartridges for my pen. They didn't have any blue cartridges, so I got black. I've also invested in a fine point Parker Vcetor fountain pen. Should be here this week. (This Parker 45 is medium-point.)

P.S. I was about to do my Econ test Scantron in fountain pen. That wouldn't have gone over well in the scoring machine.

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